The pre registration is now closed!
You who have not booked, can of course pay entrance fee in place at the registration desk!
If you want to check your reservation. Please, contact the registration at our contact page.
For more infrormation. See News message Pre registration closes april 10th.

Payment instructions

Plusgiro88 09 07-1
IBANSE05 9500 0099 6018 0880 9071
Enter the booking number from the booking confirmation as a message in your payment.
NOTE! Payment must be received by us no later than april 10, 2019!

Price list

Payment before March 1st 2019
AdultYouth under 26
All weekend475 SEK235 SEK
Friday or Saturday250 SEK125 SEK
Sunday150 SEK75 SEK
Payment March 1 to April 10 2019
AdultYouth under 26
All weekend525 SEK260 SEK
Friday or Saturday300 SEK150 SEK
Sunday150 SEK75 SEK
To order lunch see page “Food”
129 SEK per lunch
Pub night0 SEK
Pub buffet
The buffet has to be preordered
170 SEK
After party without buffet60 SEK
After party with buffet
The buffet has to be preordered
200 SEK