Kick off

Saturday, January 26, 2019, the members of Örebro Squaredancers met for a kick off for Convention 2019. About a year ago the club had a similar kick off to present the pals for Convention 2019. This year’s kick off concerned the work during the convention.

To get in the mood we started the evening off by dancing to our own club callers and Convention callers Tomas Hedberg and Jesper Wilhelmsson.



To further improve the mood the evening continued with good food, a wonderful Taco buffet!

Now to the serious business. Under the direction of Emelie, information officer for the Convention, the members got information from the leaders of the different working teams about the duties expected of them when they join them.

The message is clear! The most important thing for the members of Örebro Squaredancers is to ensure that our guests enjoy a well-organized Convention 2019! If we, as organizers, get an opportunity to dance a tip or two it´s to be considered as a pure bonus!

Welcome to Convention 2019!

We will spare no effort to make sure that you enjoy our Convention!